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Anti-Gravity Levitating Water Drop Air Purifier Hydra Lamp

Why We Love It: This mesmerizing lamp has water droplets that defy gravity and float upward.

Bring magic back into your home or office with this mesmerizing Anti-Gravity Levitating Water Drop Hydra Lamp. This amazing product utilizes a subtle strobe light to create an anti-gravity optical illusion of water drops defying the rules of nature.

With a sophisticated and modern design and soothing ambient sound, this Anti-Gravity Levitating Water Drop Hydra Lamp is easy set up and is an unusual birthday gift for your favorite guy.

There are three modes of illusion to choose from: water droplets floating upwards, water droplets hovering briefly in the air, and water droplets floating downwards.

In this premium version of the product, the negative ion generator at the bottom creates 8 million negative air ions per cubic centimeter, forming a high concentration barrier of negative ions. These negative ions can combine bacteria, dust and second-hand smoke particles into larger particles of sedimentation, thus purifying the indoor air.

Besides its amazing ability to purify the air, this model also contains a clock. With its submerged pump and pure copper motor, the running volume is only 20-35 dB making this product extremely low noise.

This stunning Anti-Gravity Levitating Water Drop Hydra Lamp can be a spectacular decorative and functional item in any home or office.


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