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Bug-A-Salt Fly Annihilator Upgraded Salt Gun

Why We Love It: This upgraded version of the Bug-A-Salt rifle is more accurate and powerful than ever before.

Everyone hates houseflies. They invade our homes. They annoy us with their taunting buzz. They steal and infect our food with unrelenting determination. It’s time to take back your home and show this sworn enemy who’s the boss, with the upgraded and more powerful Bug-A-Salt Fly Annihilator.

Operating the upgraded version of the Bug-A-Salt Fly Annihilator is very simple. Simply load table salt into the hopper and cock the gun by sliding the handle towards you. This will engage the pop-up sight, indicating the gun is ready to be fired.

Then, slide the handle all the way forward, turn off the safety and you’re ready to aim, pull the trigger, and fire. The flies won’t know what hit them. There's even an optional laser sight that can be purchased separately for maximum accuracy.

The upgraded Bug-A-Salt rifle is more powerful than ever before and has been specifically tailored to the needs of the serious fly hunter with custom improvements such as a new cross-bolted safety that only needs to be turned off once rather than before each shot.

This allows for more rapid fire along with a trigger redesign, lifted barrel, and partridge sight for extremely accurate shooting. The improved, more durable salt hopper makes tactical reloads easy during the heat of battle.

The Bug-A-Salt rifle is excellent for eradicating flies in hard to reach spots such as windows, screens, or blinds. The salt spray will not damage furniture, paint, or window screens, allowing you to battle in confidence.

Pity the fly and fire your fly swatter. Get the Bug-A-Salt Fly Annihilator Upgraded Salt Gun today. It’s an ideal birthday gift for the impossible man to shop for.

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