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Cap Gun Beer Bottle Opener And Bottle Cap Launcher

Why We Love It: Crack open your bottled beer and launch the bottle cap by pulling the trigger.

Take your beer drinking game up a notch with the Cap Gun Beer Bottle Opener and Bottle Cap Launcher. This beer bottle opener not only opens your bottled beers with no effort, but it's also an epic bottle cap launcher, sure to bring a smile to the face of all your friends. Get ready to enjoy your next round of bottled beers with a little target practice.

Have a creative imagination and a taste for adult beverages? With the Cap Gun Beer Bottle Opener and Bottle Cap Launcher, you can let your mind wander and open a world of opportunities for fun drinking games while bonding with your friends.

Simply pull the lever back till it snaps into place to cock the bottle cap gun. Place the bottle opener onto the bottle cap of your favorite beverage. Open the bottle and pull your cap gun away. Then take aim and pull the trigger to shoot your bottle cap into the nearest trash receptacle.

This funny Valentines Gift for guys is compact and easily fits into your bag or pocket to take wherever you please. Get ready to let your imagination run wild and enjoy the next round with the Cap Gun Beer Bottle Opener and Bottle Cap Launcher.

Have fun, but be safe. This is NOT a toy. Please keep it away from kids and never aim it directly at anyone.

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