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Travel Carry On All-in-One Portable Craft Cocktail Kit

Why We Love It: This all-in-one in-flight cocktail kit turns an ordinary airplane bottle of booze into a craft cocktail.

Are you ready to elevate your in-flight cocktail game? Let’s face it. Your flight attendant isn’t a bartender and your choices for drinks on an airplane are fairly limited.

But now you can enjoy your own craft cocktails at 30,000 feet with the Carry On All-in-One Portable Craft Cocktail Kit.

In a handy two-pack, these kits contain all the ingredients you need to create two top-shelf cocktails mid-flight or wherever your adventures take you. Just order your spirits of choice and mix it up.

From Old Fashioned to Gin and Tonic, Bloody Mary to Moscow Mule, these cocktail kits let you enjoy some of the world’s most iconic cocktails that stand the test of time.

Made with premium ingredients from fresh citrus, to pure cane sugar and premium spices, each kit reflects the high-quality ingredients that you’ll find at the world’s best bars.

The Moscow Mule kit includes a bold and spicy small-batch ginger syrup sure to wow anyone who gives it a try.

Each cocktail kit includes a classy, USA-made, copper-colored carrying tin, which neatly holds your syrup, 1/2 oz jigger, recipe card, travel-size bar spoon, and linen coaster, all for an elegant experience en-route.

These cocktail kits are specifically designed to pair with any single-serving spirit provided on your flight. Simply add the hard stuff and stir. Prepare for compliments and envy from your fellow travelers.

Get ready to satisfy your cocktails cravings anywhere, anytime. Each kit is designed to be carried in your carry-on luggage and contains all the essentials you need to craft two top-shelf drinks mid-flight.

On a shorter flight with only enough time to enjoy one cocktail? Grab a night cap from the hotel minibar and enjoy a second round without ever having to call room service.

The Carry On All-in-One Portable Craft Cocktail Kit makes the perfect birthday gift for a boss who appreciates the art of a great drink with top-notch ingredients.

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