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CreekKooler 30 Quart Mini Kayak Floating Cooler

Why We Love It: Turn heads on your next float trip with this sturdy little cooler with a watertight lid that keeps your drinks cold and tows easily.

Looking to save space and keep your drinks ice cold on your next float trip? Try towing along a CreekKooler 30 Quart Mini Kayak Floating Cooler. With two inches of insulation inserted into its hull and deck, the CreekKooler has an ice retention of 48 hours. It’s 30-quart capacity holds thirty 12-oz cans and 20lbs of ice.

The CreekKooler looks a lot like a miniature kayak. That’s by design, as the product is built to track through the water just like a boat, handling waves, rapids, and swells like the much larger watercraft that it resembles.

Tow the CreekKooler easily behind kayaks, canoes, stand up paddle boards or rafts. With tow points allowing users to tie it to their watercraft, your favorite beverages and food are always within arms reach on your next float trip. It's the coolest birthday gift for guys who enjoy spending time on the river.

The CreekKooler works for floating behind you in the water or dragging this sturdy cooler across dry ground. With its watertight, locking lid and o-ring design, you can use your CreekKooler as secure, dry storage on the water or in the snow.

With the lid firmly in place, you don’t have to worry about the mini kayak cooler getting swamped with water and sinking in the middle of your float trip or your favorite beverages getting warm before you’ve had a chance to enjoy them.

It's made with dual wall, blow molded construction, and there are 4 drink holders located on the top deck. This floating cooler is one of those pieces of gear that you didn’t really know you needed until you had one, at which point you’ll find all kinds of uses for it in and around the water. 

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