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Deluxe Illuminated LED Inflatable Pocket Pool Raft

Why We Love It: This colorful inflatable pool raft lights up at night and is perfect for a warm evening swim.

It's time to bring light to your night in the pool with the Deluxe Illuminated LED Pocket Pool Raft.

When the lights go out, your illuminated LED raft will flash and glow through three different light modes: flashing slow, flashing fast, and solid color glow.

This inflatable raft is made out of heavy-duty PVC in a French style design with 18 colored pockets and 19 super bright color changing LEDs.

Runs on three replaceable AA Batteries and is completely waterproof with the LEDs inside the raft.

The Deluxe Illuminated LED Pocket Pool Raft is perfect for the pool, the beach or at the lake when you’re having a night swim by the dock.

Guaranteed to turn heads at your next late night pool party, this unique inflatable raft features bright, built-in LED lights that blink and glow, creating exciting nighttime illumination in your pool.

The Deluxe Illuminated LED Pocket Pool Raft is a fun gift for men who love to entertain and swim in their pool at night.


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