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Adjustable Elastic Sleeve Magnetic Water Bottle Holder

Why We Love It: This stretchy magnetic sleeve fits tumblers, cans or water bottles to hold them securely in place.

It’s hard enough to stay hydrated these days. It’s even harder to find a clean place to set your drink without knocking it over.

Whether you’re doing bicep curls in the gym or 12 oz curls at a barbecue, the Elastic Sleeve Magnetic Water Bottle Holder makes hydrating on the go more convenient.

Simply slip it on your tumbler, shaker, can or water bottle and click it on the nearest piece of metal so you can go on with your life.

With its powerful magnetic grip and flexible elastic band, the universal design of the Elastic Sleeve Magnetic Water Bottle Holder is built to carry the load of any drink you can put in its path.

Makes a great gift for people who operate heavy equipment like forklifts. The Elastic Sleeve Magnetic Water Bottle Holder is a lifesaver for factory workers, mechanics and anyone else who works for a living that is surrounded by metal but limited on where they can put their drink.

Stay hydrated during your next workout with the constant reminder to drink. Putting your water bottle at eye level and always within arm’s reach serves a constant reminder to hydrate during your workouts.

Sitting your protein shake on the dirty gym floor is disgusting and annoying to constantly keep kicking over. Practically every piece of equipment in the gym is made of steel, so you’ll always have a spot for your drink.

Tired of trying to navigate the grocery store with a hot coffee in your hand? The Elastic Sleeve Magnetic Cup Holder acts as a sleeve for your hot coffee and you can attach it your shopping cart to free your hands up.

Make it so you never spill or forget your drink again. Whether you’re working out in the gym, riding in a golf cart, driving a forklift or grilling for the next tailgate, the Elastic Sleeve Magnetic Water Bottle Holder offers limitless possibilities in drink holding assistance.

If you’re searching for cool birthday gifts for men, the Elastic Sleeve Magnetic Water Bottle Holder is a clever and versatile gift that he will truly appreciate.

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