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Fiskars Deluxe 4-Claw Stand Up Weeder With Easy Eject

Why We Love It: There’s something satisfyingly primal about snatching out weeds by the roots without bending over.

Ever feel like you’re losing the war on weeds in your lawn? Harsh chemicals can damage your lawn and if you don’t get the weeds down at the root, they’ll end up growing right back.

The most effective way to remove them once and for all is to pull them out by the root, but getting up and down to pull weeds can leave you tired and sore the next day. It’s time to take back your lawn and give your back a rest with the Fiskars Deluxe 4-Claw Stand Up Weeder With Easy Eject.

This innovative weeder makes it easy to permanently remove invasive plants without sore knees from kneeling, back ache from bending or harsh, costly chemical herbicides that need to be applied multiple times.

Simply place the head of the Stand Up Weeder over a weed, step down on the reinforced foot platform, and the four serrated, stainless-steel claws will grab the weed by the root for clean removal. Then lift the tool and slide the handle to eject the pulled weed, never to be seen again.

Thanks to its offset handle, wrist strain is reduced, and claw placement is mistake-free thanks to its integrated viewing window in the pedal. With its easy-eject mechanism, you can easily clear the head between uses for quick and easy cleanup.

The Fiskars 4-Claw Stand Up Weeder With Easy Eject is built to last use after use with its stronger, reinforced foot platform. Step down confidently to penetrate tough soil and say goodbye to weeds for good.

If you’re looking for good Fathers Day gifts for Dad, the Fiskars 4-Claw Stand Up Weeder With Easy Eject lets him control dandelions, thistles, and other invasive weeds with ease.

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