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Flexible Astronaut USB Gooseneck LED Light For Laptop

Why We Love It: This flexible LED light comes in handy if your laptop doesn’t have a backlit keyboard.

Whenever you find yourself floating aimlessly in the vast and dark corners of the Internet, this USB astronaut light will help you find your way home. This handy light plugs directly into the USB port to provide extra visibility while working in dimly lit environments.

The USB Spaceman Light is an affordable LED light with a flexible USB cord that is a cool birthday gift that guys will love.

Sometimes you just need a little bit extra light on your keyboard while you type in dark areas. When your laptop doesn’t have backlit keys that are illuminated, this extra light can make all the difference. This little astronaut light attaches to any open USB port on your laptop, and acts as a miniature lamp while you work.

To use the astronaut light, just plug him into any USB port on your laptop. Position him however you like, and flip his visor guard open to the back of his head. When his visor guard is open, the light will turn on, and when the visor guard is closed, the light will turn off.

The astronaut USB light has a strong flexible cord that lets you position the spaceman light into pretty much any position you like. This way you can have the light shining on your keyboard or to the side if you're working next to your computer. The flexible metal cord tethers the astronaut to a USB plug which provides the power and can be angled into any suitable position.

The bright LED inside the astronaut's helmet emits a soft white light. This is ideal for reducing eyestrain during late night computing.

The adorable astronaut casts soft, bright white light from twin LEDs tucked behind its helmet. To turn it on, flip up the visor. And when it's time to shut things down, close its helmet to turn off the light. The visor doubles as the light switch. Simply flip the astronaut's visor up or down to toggle the LED on and off.

It’s compatible with any USB port. If you’re searching for good birthday gifts for guys, this USB Spaceman Light is both fun and functional.

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