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GrillGun High Powered Portable Propane Torch

Why We Love It: Use these miniature flamethrowers to quickly sear meat, start bonfires or light your charcoal grill.

You’ll get a kick out of using your GrillGun Propane Torch to start all types of fires. It is lightweight, comfortable to hold and easy to use.

You’ll be amazed at how far the flames shoot out and it sounds like a jet engine.

Use the GrillGun Propane Torch to start your charcoal grill and be cooking over charcoal with the aromatic experience, taste and health benefits associated with cooking over natural wood as quickly as a gas grill.

The output from the GrillGun is 100% pure fire. There’s no unburned propane fuel spraying on your meat or charcoal giving it that dreaded torch taste. This makes for healthy, great tasting, hardwood charcoal grilling.

Now you can wait for your friends to arrive before you start the grill, because whenever you want dinner, you can start the grill and be cooking in minutes. Plus, they’ll all want to see your GrillGun in action starting the fire.

There are two models of GrillBlazer torches to choose from. Their standard GrillGun has a longer barrel and is intended to be used for starting a bonfire or lighting your charcoal grill.

The Su-VGun is more compact and easier to sear your meat that has been cooked sous vide, flame your crème brulee, or start your smaller charcoal grill.

Both guns can be attached with a hose to the standard 20lb propane tanks that are used on gas grills.

Or you can attach the smaller 1lb propane tanks that are typically used for camping directly to the GrillGun and use the included convenient vertical bottle stand that enables you to set your Su-VGun attached to a propane bottle upright and easily accessible while cooling down after having just been used.

The GrillGun High Powered Portable Propane Torches make the best birthday gifts for husbands who love to grill and sit around the campfire that will love having their own personal flamethrower.

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