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Indestructible Composite Fiber Inflatable Beach Chair

Why We Love It: No more rotten netting or rusty hinges. This sturdy inflatable, floating throne is easy to store away when deflated.

The Inflatable Beach Chair is the most transportable, storable, lightest chair available. It shrinks up into the smallest of spaces when deflated.

Adding air transforms it into a fully working throne fit for your favorite guy in a matter of seconds.

The Inflatable Beach Chair is ideal for lounging on the beach, floating in your boat, hanging out at a tailgate, or simply unwinding on the back deck because it is made to lay low to the ground.

No more rotten netting or rusty hinges. In just a few minutes, the Inflatable Beach Chair goes from a compact footprint to a fully functional chair with superior storage and transportation.

The skin is made of military-grade PVC, which is almost indestructible, so don't worry about dents and scratches.

Tens of thousands of composite fibers join the top and bottom portions of the Inflatable Beach Chair’s inner core, which creates solid stiffness.

The Inflatable Beach Chair is easy to inflate and deflate. To fill it up, first release the buckle, unfold, and connect the pump hose to the inflation valve. Reverse everything when it comes time to pack things up.

Take the Inflatable Beach Chair with you and let your adventurous side loose.

The Inflatable Beach Chair is your go-anywhere, go-everywhere chair, whether you're sitting around a backyard fire, lounging on a sandbar, or enjoying a cold beverage on the beach.

The Inflatable Beach Chair is the ideal option for outdoor camping excursions or simply relaxing over a bonfire. It is made of durable materials and shaped so that when you sit down, you won't sink into the ground.

This inflatable, floating throne is the best birthday gift for guys who love to spend time outdoors with friends.

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