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KettlePizza Gas Barbecue Grill Pizza Oven Conversion Kit

Why We Love It: Convert your gas barbecue grill into a pizza oven for the delicious wood-fired brick pizza oven experience.

Nothing beats the taste of a wood-fired brick oven pizza. With the KettlePizza Gas Grill Pizza Oven Conversion Kit you can make restaurant quality pizzas at home for a fraction of the cost. All you need is a gas grill and some pizza fixings, and you’ll be ready to go.

Traditionally, wood-fired, brick pizza ovens are bulky, take a long time to set up, and are costly to build. Why invest in a whole new oven just for occasionally making pizzas, when all you need is a simple and innovative attachment for a product you already own?

This truly epic pizza oven kit works on any propane or natural gas BBQ grill. Just make sure they have at least three burners and a minimum cooking area of 24 inches wide by 17 inches deep, and you’ll be good to go.

Once the conversion kit is locked onto the top of your grill grate, a cooking chamber is created to focus the heat into a small pizza-oven sized space to properly cook your pizzas and brown their tops to perfection.

Place the KettlePizza Gas Grill Pizza Oven Conversion Kit enclosure and cooking stone onto your grill surface. Give it around 20 minutes to allow the chamber and stone to adequately heat up and you’re ready to start cooking pizzas.

The KettlePizza Gas Grill Pizza Oven Conversion Kit’s enclosure is made from one solid piece of 0.135” thick, American Made, stainless steel that is sure to last you a lifetime. Thanks to its integrated carrying handle, getting to the next cookout has never been easier.

The conversion kit also includes your very own 15” round pizza stone, made out of a 0.5” slab of the best available USA Made cordierite, as well as a high temperature thermometer that can be mounted on the enclosure top.

If you’re searching for luxury anniversary gift ideas for him, the KettlePizza Gas Grill Pizza Oven Conversion Kit will let him make amazing pizzas on his prized barbecue grill that you’ll both get to enjoy.

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