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Magnetic Lock Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Flask

Why We Love It: This stylish and durable stainless steel flask keeps your drinks insulated and comes with magnetic lock drinking mugs on each end.

Traditional metal flasks are great for protecting your drinks on the go, but they have three main problems.

For starters, there’s no good way to share your drinks unless you also bring along cups or pass around the flask and swap germs.

Next, traditional metal flasks can’t keep your drinks at the preferred drinking temperature. Hot or cold. Stiff drinks at room temperature are much harder to swallow.

And finally, most flasks are too small to hold a full bottle of spirits or wine.

The Magnetic Lock Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Flask from High Camp Flasks solves all three of these problems by transporting your favorite whisky or cocktail to any cheers-worthy adventure.

It's designed with an eye for aesthetics and functionality to share quality cocktails with your friends.

Two 6-ounce Tumblers and a 750ml Vacuum Insulated Flask are included in this 3-piece bar package, which is large enough to hold an entire fifth of your favorite spirit, a full bottle of wine or your favorite pre-mixed cocktails on ice.

The tumblers are secured to each end of the flask by magnetic locks. The vacuum insulation holds your spirits at the preferred drinking temperature for 24 hours.

The magnetic lock tumblers feature a no-slip grip and are double-walled so they can be used for both hot and cold drinks.

The Magnetic Lock Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Flask is designed to withstand the rough and tumble outdoor lifestyle, with stainless steel construction and a leakproof seal.

The leakproof seal on the vacuum insulated flask means your drinks won’t spill during transport and the no-drip lip prevents your cocktails from dripping down the sides when pouring.

The Magnetic Lock Vacuum Insulated Stainless Steel Flask is a badass Xmas gift for men who enjoy taking cocktails on their outdoor adventures.

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