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Marshall Jack Rack Miniature Guitar Amp Key Hanger

Why We Love It: Plug your keys into this miniature version of a Marshall guitar amp like a rock star.

There’s something electric about plugging a guitar into an amplifier. It instantly makes you feel like you're ready to rock.

Now you can get that feeling every time you grab your keys with the officially licensed Marshall Jack Rack Mini Guitar Amp Key Hanger.

The Marshall brand of amplifiers is legendary in the music industry and their wall-mounted Jack Rack Mini Guitar Amp Key Hanger is made from real guitar amplifier materials and comes with four Marshall guitar plugs that have been converted into keychains.

This miniature version of their Marshall JCM800 guitar amp features tons of details including a built-in handle on top, black speaker fabric with an authentic Marshall logo and white rubber piping, a gold brushed metal face plate with real amplifier inputs and actual guitar plugs as keychains.

The Jack Rack not only helps you stay organized, so you’ll never have to search around for your keys, but it makes a rock n’ roll statement to everyone who sees it.

Each of the four stainless steel guitar plug keychains are laser etched with the stylized Marshall M logo, so you’ll always have a conversation piece whenever people see your keys.

The Jack Rack comes with a hidden wall mounting bracket and hardware, making installation a breeze. It’s strong, sturdy, and incredibly durable.

The Marshall Jack Rack Mini Guitar Amp Key Hanger is a badass birthday gift for guys who want to start every day feeling like a rock star when they grab their keys.

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