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Tyger Military Grade 16-in-1 Survival Tool Shovel

Why We Love It: This military grade shovel has a Swiss Army Knife number of uses hidden inside its handle.

From fire-starting to felling trees, this Military Grade 16-in-1 Survival Tool Shovel can do a lot more than just dig a hole.

If you’re looking for a super-strong survival shovel for camping, hiking and emergencies, this Military Grade 16-in-1 Survival Tool Shovel is compact, light and fits perfectly in the back of a truck.

The multiple sections each have a specialized purpose and fit together like fingers sliding into a well-made and well-fitted glove.

They include your firestarter, screwdriver, ice pick, a hammer, a hoe, and many other tools that you can use to carve, cut, clean, or dig.

The blade is forged to last from military-grade carbon steel and the handle is made using aerospace-grade anodized aluminum tubing to be light and durable.

The instant switch mechanism allows you to simply pull the slider to switch the shovel angle in seconds.

This compact shovel can be easily stored in your vehicle to help you dig out tires or break glass in emergencies.

The included storage bag allows you to carry the shovel for any outdoor adventures.

The Military Grade 16-in-1 Survival Tool Shovel is a badass birthday gift for guys who love to hike, camp and always be prepared.

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