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Heavy Duty Non-Stick High-Rise Lip Easy Flip Saute Pan

Why We Love It: The high-rise lip on this heavy duty non-stick sauté pan helps amateur cooks flip food like a pro.

Unless you’re a professional chef, trying to flip food in a skillet can be tricky. Your food usually either doesn’t flip all the way over or it flies all over the place.

But with the Non-Stick Easy Flip High Rise Pan you can flip food in your skillet like a master chef.

The Non-Stick Easy Flip High Rise Pan features a triple-layer nonstick coating and a hard-anodized aluminum bottom which distributes consistent temperature over the surface of the pan.

The Heavy Duty Non-Stick Easy Flip Pan is safe in the oven up to 500 F degrees and works with gas, electric and induction stovetops.

The high rise lip on the front of this non-stick sauté pan is extended to form a curved backstop that makes it easy to flip food like a professional chef.

The Non-Stick Easy Flip Pan comes equipped with a cool-grip stealth handle that features V-technology, which helps keep the handle cool at all times, even when you’re using it for long periods of time.

This heavy duty pan’s body is made out of hard anodized aluminum which helps to prevent scratches and corrosion, making the pan sturdy and extremely durable.

The pan also features an ultra-durable triple layer of non-toxic, non-stick coating that helps it last a long time and it makes cooking much easier, less messy and way healthier.

The Non-Stick Easy Flip Pan is dishwasher safe and its non-sticking surface makes it incredibly easy to clean.

The Non-Stick Easy Flip High Rise Pan makes a fun Valentines gift for men who love to cook and show off their cooking skills in the kitchen by flipping food in a skillet like a professional chef.

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