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Open Fire Multi Level Adjustable BBQ Grilling System

Why We Love It: Multiple levels of BBQ grill space can be moved up, down or rotated for ideal temperatures.

The Open Fire Multi Level Adjustable BBQ Grill is an extremely versatile grilling system that allows you to cook multiple items on a series of grates over an open fire.

Simply raise or lower each grilling level above the heat until your desired temperature is in place. Then swing each level laterally away or over the coals as you cook to ensure the perfect temperature, every time.

Much easier than conventional grill systems that require probes and fans to control temperatures, now you can simultaneously grill, sauté, sear, fry, boil, smoke, and steam different foods all at once.

Designed with a carbon steel grill grate, a welded core construction, and heavy-duty components and hardware, the Open Fire Multi Level Adjustable BBQ Grill features a high-temperature powder coating.

By cooking all your foods together using different levels to control the temperature, not only can you prepare the food so it all stays hot and is ready at the same time, but you can have the juices from your meats drip down on your vegetables for added flavor.

With multiple levels and options for grills and skillets, now you can cook all of your main courses and side dishes on the same grill without anything getting over or under cooked.

Simply raise and lower the cooking surfaces to control heat level and intensity. Multiple surfaces on different levels make it easy to cook different things in different ways simultaneously.

Designed to be portable, the Open Fire Multi Level Adjustable BBQ Grill is perfect for camping, tailgating, or taking with you to an outdoor party.

The Open Fire Multi Level Adjustable BBQ Grill is a high end Christmas gift for husbands who love to cook and entertain. Your guests won’t believe their eyes when they see these multiple levels of grills in action.

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