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Original Aluminum Art Deco Electric Bubbling Lava Lamp

Why We Love It: Watching the colorful blobs slowly dance around inside this iconic lamp is still groovy.

The Original Aluminum Art Deco Lava Lamp’s classic shape, elegant flowing colored wax, and decorative glass fills any space with the drama of motion and the beauty of soft colored light.

Watch the colorful blobs suspended in liquid collide, flow, and split apart as they ooze their way up, down, and around the glass globe of this large art deco lamp.

Perfect for relaxing, decorating, or lighting up a party, the iconic Lava Lamp features a sleek, silver-aluminum base and cap, colorful liquid and wax that shifts and floats around in a mesmerizing dance.

Still made by the original Lava Lamp designer, this legendary motion lamp will add retro-chic style to any room.

There’s more lava motion to love in this larger version of the timeless Lava Lamp. Hypnotizing and invigorating with the slow rise and fall of lava-like blobs of various sizes and shapes, this funky blast from the past can hypnotize and invigorate.

Add a groovy feel to any office, living room, bedroom or dorm room. Jump start a party with the cool look of colorful wax globules floating in liquid, or use the slow motions of the lava to relax and quiet down after a long day of work.

The original shape of the iconic Lava Lamp is just as stylish today as it was fifty years ago.

Curious how it works? The lava lamp heats up with the light bulb in the base. Once hot, the wax will slowly rise and fall, gradually changing colors in the liquid, creating the familiar retro lava effect.

If you’re searching for creative Valentines gifts for your husband, the Original Aluminum Art Deco Lava Lamp will make a great addition to his desk.

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