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Radiate Portable Reusable Campfire In A Tin

Why We Love It: This portable and reusable campfire in a tin is easy to light and extinguish with minimal smoke and no embers.

There’s traditionally a lot of work involved with enjoying a campfire. Gathering the wood, keeping the fire burning, controlling the flames, putting it out when you’re done so it doesn’t accidentally spread and the smoky smell of your hair and clothes all take away from the simple enjoyment of gathering with your friends around the campfire.

The Radiate Portable Reusable Campfire In A Tin brings a true campfire experience wherever life takes you. From hassle-free lighting to easy cleanup, making a campfire has never been easier.

An eco-friendly substitute to traditional word burning campfires, Radiate uses recycled soy wax and paper pulp to create a fire like never before.

Radiate was designed to be convenient, sleek, portable, and reusable. At 4lbs and only 8″ wide, this small but mighty fire will provide plenty of quick warmth everywhere you go.

You can snuff out the flame with the lid, let it cool, and bring it on the go to enjoy again later.

Radiate has a shelf life of 30+ years so you can use it anytime or store it away in a cool, dry place with your emergency kit. Always be survival ready with the Radiate Portable Campfire kit.

The Radiate Portable Campfire is easy to light with no smoky smell, low soot and no embers. Just slide the lid on to extinguish, let it cool, and keep on moving.

No trash, coals, or burnt wood are left behind for a no-trace outdoors experience. No need to gather kindling, carry firewood, or clean up. Just kick back and relax.

Take this portable campfire with you whenever you go camping in the woods, relaxing on the beach, or enjoy it in the backyard with your friends and family.

The Radiate Portable Reusable Campfire In A Tin is the coolest birthday gift for guys who enjoy the outdoors and spending time around the campfire.

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