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Retro Minimalist Mechanical Flip Down Clock

Why We Love It: There’s beauty in the simplicity of the flipping tiles on this stripped down mechanical clock.

In the information overload of a digital world, there’s something soothing about watching the tiles flip down to keep time on the Retro Chrome Minimalist Flip Down Clock.

Inspired by the split-flap display seen in old train stations, this clock will catch the eyes of any visitor to your home or office and makes a great conversation piece.

Standard digital clocks seem boring compared to this beautiful analog mixture of art and time.

Watch as the numbers move minute by minute and hour by hour, all with quiet, high-quality quartz movement. With its stainless steel frame and ABS plastic cards, this clock is both fashionable and durable.

To set it up, simply insert one Carbon-Zinc D Battery and rotate the direction knob counterclockwise to adjust the time. Note that you’ll need to use a carbon-zinc battery instead of a standard alkaline battery.

If you’re searching for cool birthday gifts for men, the Retro Chrome Minimalist Mechanical Flip Down Clock will make a great addition to his desk.

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