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Semi-Automatic Six Shooter Hardwood Rubber Band Gun

Why We Love It: There’s a new sheriff in town with this rapid firing expertly crafted rubber band gun.

Ever dream of having your own rubber band gun? It’s time to relive the good old days, but now it’s even better with this semi-automatic six shooter rubber band gun. You deserve an upgrade.

Forget about shooting rubber bands with your fingers. This Semi-Automatic Six Shooter Rubber Band Gun shoots further, faster, and more accurately than any other rubber band gun on the market. Its patented semi-automatic design fires six rubber bands in under two seconds and reloads in a snap.

Work on your target practice or law down the law in the office with this perfect birthday gift for your boss. Order multiple guns for all the favorite guys in your life and let the rubber band battles begin.

Each gun is made from a single block of the world’s finest hardwoods and is based on the classic model 1911 that was used by GIs for over 100 years, making these rubber band guns sure to last a lifetime.

There's no sharp edges or splintery parts on this wooden gun. Everything on this expertly crafted rubber band gun is nicely smoothed and finished. The rubber bands that come with the gun are the correct size for hitting your targets.

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