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Sun Joe Hydraulic Ram Manual Log Splitter

Why We Love It: If an air walker and a car jack had a baby, you’d get this safe and easy way to split logs.

With the Sun Joe Hydraulic Ram Manual Log Splitter, embrace your inner Paul Bunyan and make light work of those piles of logs you’ve been putting off splitting. Who doesn’t want to chop their chores in half?

By harnessing the power of the long handles on this manually operated 2-speed hydraulic pump, you quickly generate up to 10 tons of driving force, splitting logs with ease. You can use it for logs up to 18” long by 8” wide.

With its integrated ram return spring, you can quickly remove, reset, and split all over again with just a quick turn of a knob.

There’s no gas, oil or cords for this manual log splitter. Thanks to the power of the hydraulic ram pump, your arms still get a little bit of a workout, but it’s not overwhelming.

Traditionally, splitting logs can be exhausting and dangerous work. Swinging an axe is hard work and can be dangerous if you miss. Using a sledgehammer and a wedge is also hazardous if you miss and can wear out your shoulder with all the pounding.

But thanks to this innovative technology, this once gruesome chore is now a breeze.

Worried about logs falling over? The built-in log cradle gently holds each log in place, thus preventing the split wood from falling. And when its time to remove, simply lift the log up to release.

The Sun Joe Hydraulic Ram Manual Log Splitter is crafted with durable steel construction for reliable power and performance, season after season.

Want to take it on the move? Simply tilt the Log Splitter and its rear wheels make it easy to maneuver and the compact size makes it a cinch to store when it’s not in use.

If you’re looking for special Fathers Day gifts for Dad, the Sun Joe Hydraulic Ram Manual Log Splitter is a safe and easy way to get exercise and feel productive while splitting firewood without overdoing it.

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