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Toysmith 3D Mirascope Optical Illusion Hologram Generator

Why We Love It: Parabolic mirrors create a 3D hologram that looks completely real, but you can’t touch it.

Get ready to transform ordinary objects into awesome 3D holograms with the Toysmith 3D Mirascope. You won’t believe your eyes.

How does it work? The Mirascope takes small objects and uses a combination of parabolic mirrors and optical illusion to create a 3D floating holographic image. Each image looks as real as can be, but as soon as you try to touch it, your fingers go right through.

You can use any small object you to create a variety of incredible effects. The 3D Mirascope creates holograms that look completely real. But you can’t touch this.

The Toysmith 3D Mirascope is a great novelty gadget for men that turns any small object into a 3D hologram. Each kit includes a complementary plastic frog to display, and complete instructions for use. With very little practice, you will be able to master your holographic skills of illusion from the start.

This Toysmith 3D Mirascope makes a great conversation piece, and fits perfectly on any desk, tabletop, or wherever you may want to woo others with an awesome optical illusion. Get ready to fool your friends and family with hours of good, clean, optical illusion fun.


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