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Tractive LTE Cell Phone GPS Real Time Pet Tracker

Why We Love It: Attach this GPS pet tracker to your dog’s collar and follow him with your smartphone.

One of the best parts of taking your dog out on a hike is giving him the freedom to roam around off his leash and explore his surroundings.

But if you’re worried about losing sight of him and not coming back when he’s called, the Tractive LTE Cell Phone GPS Pet Tracker lets you monitor your dog’s location on your smartphone.

Now you can track your furry friend in real time without distance limits.

Simply attach the waterproof and lightweight tracker to your dog's collar and track your pet using the free Tractive GPS smartphone app.

You can even work on keeping your pet healthy with their integrated pet fitness tracker.

Ever notice your pet has a favorite hiding spot? Access the location history on your smartphone and enjoy adventuring together with your pet to their favorite spot.

The Tractive LTE Cell Phone GPS Pet Tracker will find your pet almost anywhere in the world using the best available mobile network, allowing you to let them explore off-leash worry free.

Still want to keep a close eye? In live tracking mode, you can get your dog's location every 2-3 seconds.

You can also create a virtual fence, or safe area, and get an instant notification if your pet leaves that area. Tracking your dog has never been easier.

Each Tractive LTE Cell Phone GPS Pet Tracker is IPX7 waterproof and shock resistant. With a battery life of 2-5 days, this GPS pet tracker can withstand any adventure, anyplace, no matter how long.

When it’s time to charge the GPS Pet Tracker back up, it can reach full battery capacity in just two hours.

The Tractive LTE Cell Phone GPS Pet Tracker is a cool birthday gift for pet lovers who enjoy taking their dogs for a hike and letting them run off-leash.

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