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Transformer Jaguar USB High Capacity Flash Memory Drive

Why We Love It: Forget those traditional boring USB thumb drives and get one that transforms into a jaguar.

Need a safe and high capacity flash drive to store your important work files, tax documents or transfer files between computers without a WiFi connection? Why not make it epic?

The Transformer Jaguar USB Flash Memory Drive is an awesome high-capacity combination of fun and reliability.

This incredible storage device contain a premium true capacity of 64GB, allowing it to hold an astounding amount of your computer files in a unique way at a low cost.

Each high-capacity flash drive is built into a super-secret body which transforms into a jaguar. The flash drive will support USB 2.0 ports, but is still 100% compatible with USB 1.1, allowing it to work with older computers as well as newer models.

Display this awesome product on your desk, have fun transforming it back and forth when work is dull, and have a forever safe home for your computer files.

The Transformer Jaguar USB Flash Memory Drive is a unique gift for your boss that he’ll appreciate without breaking the bank.

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