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Self Adjusting Universal Socket With Power Drill Adapter

Why We Love It: The spring loaded pins inside the socket automatically adjust to eliminate guesswork and get the job done.

Reduce the clutter in your dad’s toolbox by replacing a slew of sockets with the universal socket. If you’re looking for good Father’s Day gifts for dad at a price you can afford, then you’ve found the perfect gift.

The unique design of this universal socket automatically adjusts to any size or shape, suitable for screws, nuts, and bolts, meeting all your needs. The Universal Socket is compact, portable and easy for your favorite guy to carry anywhere he wants.

Equipped with a power drill adapter, it easily connects with most power drills, electric screwdrivers and manual ratchet wrenches.

A stripped bolt or oddly sized nut won't stop the man in your life when he's using the universal socket. It can attach to a drill for making work move a little quicker. This universal socket is a great gift for anyone, especially if your Dad is handy and likes working on projects around the house.

This self-adjusting universal socket feature a series of durable steel pins. When you place the wrench over a nut or bolt, the pins automatically adjust to conform to its shape and size to allow you to tighten or remove it. Because it's self-adjusting, you'll save time when removing nuts and bolts.

Each of the 54 stainless-steel pins within this universal socket are designed to conform to the shape of most objects. The Self Adjusting Universal Socket works with everything from hex nuts to bolt heads to hooks. There's even a power drill adapter, so he can use the universal socket with the drill he already owns.

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