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Spider Velcro Clip On Tool Belt Holster Set

Why We Love It: Turn any regular belt or tool belt into a holster belt that allows you to quick draw your tools.

When you’re working on a project that requires multiple tools, you only have two hands and need both of them to actually use the tools rather than hold them.

You don’t want to waste time walking back and forth to your tool box. Especially when you’re up on a ladder.

A traditional tool belt works fine for hammers, wrenches and screwdrivers, but your cordless drill or other power tools might not fit in the standard pockets.

The Velcro Clip On Tool Belt Holster Set is designed to help you handle your power tools more efficiently. No more putting your tool down or relying on a tool pouch to keep it secure.

The Velcro Clip On Tool Belt Holster Set is a belt-mounted power tool carrying device that suits any belt.

Simply clip the holster to your belt, attach the elastic Velcro tool grip to your power tool, and slip it into the locking holster.

The elastic tool grip stretches to fit around any tool handle with silicon infused fabric to prevent slipping.

The holster clip features a high tensile spring clip to securely attach to any belt. The holster lock can be set to automatically lock when a tool is inserted or be set to the fully open position.

The best part is the ability to access your power tools from your belt quickly with one smooth, quick draw motion.

With the Velcro Clip On Tool Belt Holster Set, you'll have safe, easy-to-use, and fast access to all of your tools.

Forget about cumbersome utility belts. The Velcro Clip On Tool Belt Holster Set attaches easily to any standard or tool belt and allows you to travel freely without allowing unnecessary tool movement.

The Velcro Clip On Tool Belt Holster Set is heavy duty and safe. Your tools lock firmly into the holster without spinning, and the Velcro tool grip works well on all tools.

Made with a nylon composite and high tensile steel structure, this tool holster is tough enough for daily use.

The Velcro Clip On Tool Belt Holster Set makes a great Fathers Day gift for dad. He’ll love this clever new way to keep his cordless power tools handy and secure on his next project.

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