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Handy Velcro Dual Bladed Fishing Line Cutter Ring

Why We Love It: This handy Velcro ring cuts fishing lines like butter with recessed blades for safety.

Stop fumbling around for that pair of nail clippers or pocket knife when you’re out on the water and need to cut your fishing line.

Slippery fish and wet hands can make cutting fishing line dangerous, but with the recessed blades inside the Velcro Dual Bladed Fishing Line Cutter Ring, you simply slide the line inside either cutting slot and slice it with ease.

Made from sturdy ABS plastic with a dual-sided surgical stainless steel blade that is coated with titanium, it takes all the guesswork out of snipping fishing line.

Need to try out different lures to see what they’re biting? The Velcro Dual Bladed Fishing Line Cutter Ring is the essential fishing tool that cuts braid, fluorocarbon, and monofilament like butter.

Never again will you have to fumble through your dry bag, or blindly reach around your boat for your clippers, while balancing a fish on the line.

With the Velcro Dual Bladed Fishing Line Cutter Ring on your hand, fishing pole, life jacket or belt loop, this helpful fisherman's tool will always be there when you need it.

Simply slide the fishing line in either side of the cutter ring and the cutting slot will cleanly slice through any line up to a 100 lb. braid.

Thanks to its adjustable, marine-grade Velcro strap, this fishing line cutter ring can be adjusted to fit all sizes and mounted in a variety of convenient locations.

Wear it on your finger or mount it to fishing rod handles, boat rails, or kayak seats. There has never been a faster, safer, or more convenient fishing line cutting solution.

The Velcro Dual Bladed Fishing Line Cutter Ring makes a special Father’s Day gift for dads who love to fish that would rather spend time reeling in lunkers than fumbling around with knots in their line.

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