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WORX JawSaw Cordless Electric Enclosed Chainsaw

Why We Love It: The steel jaws surrounding the cutting blade make this the safest chainsaw by eliminating kickbacks.

Cutting limbs above your head with a traditional chainsaw can be challenging and dangerous.

The WORX JawSaw Cordless Electric Chainsaw is the lightweight, portable, and safe way to tackle pruning and trimming jobs around the house, while out camping, or after storm damage arrives.

No need to worry about pull starting, gas/oil mixes, exhaust smells, and tangled cords. Powered by a 20-volt Max lithium battery, the JawSaw is free of cords and resists self-discharge when not in use for much longer periods of time.

Need a quick cut but your battery is low? No worries. The JawSaw can perform a quick partial charge without needing to worry about memory effect damaging your battery. The Worx Lithium Power 20V battery is lighter in weight and more compact than traditional batteries.

When it gets down to work, the JawSaw delivers safe and easy cutting thanks to an enclosed blade housing that eliminates dangerous kickbacks and makes it the safest saw available. Easily tackle branches up to 4” in diameter, whether they’re on the ground or still attached to the tree.

With the JawSaw’s steel tooth jaw design, you can directly grab the limbs you are cutting to increase overall stability. And with the innovative single action cutting mechanism, it cuts through branches like a hungry shark.

Get power on demand, thanks to the JawSaw’s reliable 5-amp motor. With its auto-tensioning guaranteeing optimum tension on the chain, paired with its automatic oiler with a level indicator, chain performance will always be at its peak, and the life of the bar and chain extended.

As the safest saw around, the JawSaw is the one and only chain saw with a fully protective guard. When not in use, the blade simply retracts into the base. With this guard in place, the JawSaw is the only chainsaw made for cutting directly on the ground.

With the WORX Power Share system, the same 20V Max lithium battery on your JawSaw is interchangeable with the rest of the cordless electric tools in the WORX family.

The WORX JawSaw Cordless Electric Enclosed Chainsaw makes the best Christmas Gift for Dads who love safe, clever and innovative tools.

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