Christmas Gifts

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Top Christmas Gifts for Men

The man who has everything won't have all the items on this list of the top Christmas gifts for men. This carefully curated selection of men's Christmas presents has great gifts for guys of every age. We've hand picked our selection of gift ideas for finicky guys with a wide variety of interests. Get him something thoughtful and memorable that he will actually enjoy this year. The favorite guy in your life will love these great gifts that they can use at home, at work or at play. Whether he's your husband, your brother or your dad, treat him to something special this Christmas that he'll appreciate and use for years to come.

Electronic Digital Temperature Control Thermal Mug

The digital readout on this thermal mug keeps your hot beverages at the desired temperature.

DraftPour Nitro Style Micro-Foam Beer Dispenser

Sound waves magically turn cans or bottles of beer into mini kegs of nitro-style draft beer.

Travel Carry On All-in-One Portable Craft Cocktail Kit

All-in-one in-flight cocktail kit turns an ordinary airplane bottle of booze into a craft cocktail.

Heavy Duty Aluminum CanCooker Sealed Steamer Pot

This sealed CanCooker traps in all the steam and flavor for tender and mouthwatering results.

Silicone Sleeve Secret Hide A Beer Soda Can Cover

Slip this stealthy silicone cover over a can of beer to make it look like you’re drinking soda.

Baseball Bat Automatic Corkscrew Wine Opener

The electronic corkscrew inside this baseball bat opens bottles of wine with the push of a button.

Magnetic Real Leather Baseball Beer Bottle Opener

Beer bottle opener made from a real leather baseball and magnetized to catch bottle caps.

Engraved Solid Wood Baseball Bat Drinking Mug

A drinking mug made from a solid wooden baseball bat is a home run gift for any occasion.

Magical Flames Vibrant Fire Color Changing Packets

Add vibrant rainbow colored flames to your next bonfire with these fire color changing packets.

Sous Vide Precision Cooker And Vacuum Sealer Combo

Cook food to perfection with this Sous Vide Precision Cooker and Vacuum Sealer combo.

Collapsible Stainless Steel Campfire Trio Cooking Kit

This stainless steel firepit and grill collapses down to a compact size for camping.

Walabot Cell Phone Enhanced Detection Stud Finder

This stud finder on steroids is like giving your cell phone X-ray vision to see inside walls.

Fiskars Deluxe 4-Claw Stand Up Weeder With Easy Eject

It's primally satisfying to snatch weeds out by the roots without bending over.

KettlePizza Gas Barbecue Grill Pizza Oven Conversion Kit

Convert your gas barbecue grill into a pizza oven for delicious wood-fired brick oven pizzas.

WORX JawSaw Cordless Electric Enclosed Chainsaw

Steel jaws around the cutting blade eliminate kickbacks making this a safer chainsaw.

Golf Practice Putting Cup With Automatic Piston Ball Return

The sensor inside this putting cup activates the piston to automatically fire back the golf ball.

Titanium Bone Conduction Wireless Headphones

These wireless headphones transmit sound via bone conduction to keep your ears open.

Transformer Jaguar USB High Capacity Flash Memory Drive

Forget those traditional boring USB thumb drives and get one that transforms into a jaguar.

Original Aluminum Art Deco Electric Bubbling Lava Lamp

Watching the colorful blobs slowly dance around inside this iconic lamp is still groovy.

Switchdriver Two Headed Rotating Chucks Cordless Drill

Quickly switch between drill bits and driver bits simply by rotating this two headed cordless drill.

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